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“Build a Bridge, Build a Bridge.”

With factions so divided on issues in the United States and abroad, we don’t need walls.
We need bridges.

The “Bridges” I’m referring to in my work have to do with issues of communication and solving crisis in such areas as climate, plastic pollution, immigration, healthcare, civil rights, women and girls rights, war, the economy, nutrition, culture clashes, guns, vaccinations, starvation, pandemics, and evolution.

If we keep fighting about how we got here, it takes precious time from getting where we need to go.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could reach a place of compassion, peace, and attention to the common good. We could let go of greed and fear and embrace the richness of the other cultures and points of view without fear of losing our own beliefs.

Then we could agree to do not harm.

One of the symbols that I often use in my work is the “Spirit Ladder” which refers to our spiritual journey. Building bridges takes more skill and intelligence than building walls. There will be many challenges as our spiritual journeys continue.

The “Spirit Ladders” that I make usually go up, but perhaps some spiritual journeys will need to go across “troubled waters” as Paul Simon sings—we must lay ourselves down for the sake of humanity surviving on this Earth.


Nan Seidler, mixed media artist and nature lover comes from a background in the visual arts. Nurtured by creative practical women who drew, quilted, tailored, sewed and recycled everything. Nan has a passion for using many mediums, repurposing and adding meaning to gifts from nature and interesting discarded and found objects.

The use of symbols in her work such as the “SpiritLadders” are a visual reminder that we are all on a spiritual journey as well as a physical one and that the journey will be crooked and uneven for everyone.

Nan has a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a MSEd. in Counseling from NIU. She is a co-founder of Women’s Works, an International Juried Art Exhibit for women held during Women’s History Month at the Old Court House Art Center (OCAC) every March. Nan is also a co-founder of The Workshop for Contemporary Artists, which held annual art exhibits for 30 years. Now she is part of the E/artgroup and an exhibiting artist at the OCAC.

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