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The beginning of Every End, And the End of Every placE.
The beginning of Eternity, And the End of timE and spacE.
nEvEr the End of crEativity.

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The E/artgroup, a professional artist’s collective, exhibited and curated shows together for over 10 years. The culmination of the E/artgroup's schedule was the 2017 EXHIBITION of the E/artgroup artists and invited artists – LISTEN July, 2017.

Since 2018, E-artgroup is simply E*.
nEw E

2020 is the year of Covid 19. The XrE*al exhibition theme was developed in the fall of 2019 before the pandemic became a reality. Our world already unreal enough, XrE*al could not have predicted how strange things would become. E* continued with plans to present this exhibit, and was grateful to be able to have a physical as well as virtual exhibition.

E* presented a group exhibition, Bridge*s during the month of August in 2019.

In October 2018 E* presented two one-person exhibitions "streaming rEflections".