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Suspension of Time and Place

What happens to the snapshots that make up a person’s life? Do they get tossed away or do they mark the footprint of the life lived? Are they a bridge between a person and their moments from the past? I appropriate bins of my mom’s snapshots, cutting and manipulating from foreground to background, in the attempt to recreate her path, to mark her journey in an abstract way, to redefine her life’s story in context to my own. I paint over the actual photos to transform the “snapshot” into something more complex. I cut up and deconstruct my writing to piece together and link our lineage and genetic heritage. In this process, I record the places stepped and the people encountered as fleeting as the time that was lived. Art has the ability to immortalize, not just the artist but the subject, acting as a bridge to explore the complexity of a shared history, suspended by time and place, revealing the intersection of our connections.

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Caren Helene Rudman has been an artist and curator for over 25 years. She exhibits locally in Chicago and Nationally since 1992, after receiving her MA from NYU/ ICP a prestigious 56 credit program affiliated with the International Center of Photography. Since 2010, she has curated a biennial exhibition, Voices and Visions; Standing on the Bridge Between Health and Disease, at The Art Center Highland Park. With sponsorship from Medline, a Chicago based medical supply company, the 2010 exhibit traveled nationally to affiliated cancer centers across the county. Caren has recently been appointed as The Art Center Highland Park’s Staff Curator, providing conceptual and strategic leadership for exhibitions in TACHP’s galleries and public outreach. Her artistic and curatorial goals include thought provoking work and exhibitions to communicate on a deeper level while building meaningful connections.

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