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Introversion | Bridging the Gap Between Empty and Equanimity

As an introvert, I find great comfort in planning escapes that bridge the gap between my feeling empty in a trying environment and regeneration. I figured out achieving equanimity requires my doing something alone and regenerative to function as my best self.

This body of work for the Bridge*s exhibit is an eclectic journaling of the innate, introversive struggles that I eventually aligned with different solutions of planned escapes for recovery.

Learning this about myself changed everything. [Hear that last word echo in your head.] When you know you are called to help save the world, being fully present is important.


Nancy Merkling’s inspiration for much of her work comes from her personal experience with discovering her own introversion. Learning her inner self was paramount to her desire to part of saving the world.

She started as a photographer with 35mm black + white film. Later, Nancy dabbled with the art of large format, infrared and image transfers before flipping primarily to digital. The switch made sense on the business side of image making for her company.

Nancy’s mixed media work evolved simply because she sometimes feels a photograph isn’t always enough to tell the story she wants to convey.

Nancy’s fine art photography has been submitted locally and nationally, rejected, accepted, awarded, published and purchased for private, public and educational collections.

She also teaches photography in one-on-one sessions, groups and through travel workshops because helping others achieve their dream with a camera is fulfilling for her.

On the side, Nancy produces crazy-successful trailblazing art events that are created and powered by a large team of committed volunteers who appreciate doing something in and for the arts community that is beyond themselves.

Nancy Merkling
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