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Victoria Senn




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Victoria Senn

EMAIL: vickisenn1@yahoo.com

My mixed media collages consist of two dimensional work on canvas, board and paper. I begin with researching my subject matter and use photography as a foundation. Texture plays a large part in my work. I experiment with handmade papers and paint, layering and building sculptural surfaces.
My art is a reflection of my voyage through life: a visual journal of my personal growth on this venture. It is a process of self-discovery that results in an interactive representation of my emotions and experiences. The outcome permanently resides on the edge of discovery and invention.

Artist, Victoria Senn has worked in watercolor, acrylic, photography and most recently in mixed-media collage. Senn was born in Chicago, Illinois and is a graduate of the American Academy of Art.  Richly textured and colorful, her widely exhibited work combines paint, torn hand made Japanese paper, and digital print media. Sennʼs collages are representationally grounded and focus on the human condition from a uniquely personal perspective.