E-art group "FLY" ART EXHIBIT

verb, flew, flied, flown, flying,
noun, insect, lure, trouser opening
to move through the air using wings
to be carried through the air by wind or any other force or agency
to float or flutter in the air
to move suddenly and quickly; start unexpectedly
to change rapidly and unexpectedly from one state or position to another
to flee; escape
to travel in space
to move or pass swiftly
to move with an aggressive surge
Informal. to be acceptable, believable, or feasible

Main gallery "FLY" art exhibit withThe Clayworker's Guild of Illinois

MaryBeth Bellon, Suzanne Clark, Sarah Hahne, Mary Hilger, bert leveille, Nan Seidler, Victoria Senn
INVITED ARTISTS: Sophia Anastasiou-Wasik, Esther Aron, Carol Anderson Hamilton, Lisa Barcy, Hilda Bourgeois, Jade Catlin Oliver, Joan Hasselman, Joe Isacson, Nancy Merkling, Lisa Riedl, Kathleen Sullivan Isacson, Angela Swan, Gail Willert
PERFORMING ARTISTS: Go Gotti Go and other performers, Amy Beth and the Kishwaukee Ramblers

NanSeidler's art kites fly at th "FLY" art exhibit

Go Gotti Go Spoken Word performance created for "FLY" art exhibit

Go Gotti Go performer

Kishwaukee Ramblers performing at "FLY" art exhibit

guests and artists at the "FLY" art exhibit